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Look Ahead Founder Brad Tucker Featured on The Entrepreneur Adventure Podcast


If you would like to know a little about my philosophy and what Look Ahead means in terms of entrepreneurial success, you can listen to this podcast where I spoke with my friends and co-hosts Josh Melton and Chad Brown at the Entrepreneurial Adventure. We discussed the value of goals, the need to be flexible, the critical importance of a growth focus (and the perils of not maintaining one), the value of culture, the importance of your team, and what a successful exit strategy looks like. At the end, we also discussed what is to me the most important lesson of successful entrepreneurship.

Episode Details:

Build it With the End in Mind

Develop your company with an exit strategy in mind, and with an eye towards enjoying yourself along the way!


  • The value of a plan
  • The importance of being flexible
  • Never stop growing
  • The value of culture
  • The importance of team
  • A successful exit strategy
  • The fundamental lesson: you need others in order to be successful

Show notes

1:00 – The value of a long term professional goal & a plan to get there (sometimes, luck plays
5:00 – Begin with the end in mind; start at the bottom, but understand how to get to the top
7:00 – My most important life decision
8:00 – Progress is not linear
10:00 – The entrepreneurial seizure and its consequences
12:00 – Lessons from 1st start up
16:00 – The pitfalls of achieving your goals
20:00 – Reinventing yourself and your future
21:00 – It’s not about you, it’s about the model
22:00 – The role of the CEO
24:00 – Summary to this point
24:00 – Emotion and decision making
30:00 – The need for visionaries and integrators, even for solo entrepreneurs
34:00 – Begin with the understanding of what your end looks like
37:00 – You are not the smartest person in the room (thank goodness)
39:00 – The value of our Why
42:00 – The importance of culture to our bottom line
47:00 – It’s about your team, not about you
50:00 – A successful exit strategy
56:00 – Are you an employee or an owner, servant leadership

Where to Listen

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